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The company


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AIFAR AGROCHIMICA is an Italian company, founded in 1974, leader in the production of the agriculture products necessary to the correct growth of all cultivation.
Our experience enabled us to develop a wide range of product which proved their effectiveness on the nationals and international markets and their adaptation to all requirements of the farmer.produzione 2


Aifar have obtained the Certification ISO 9001:2008 to guarantee the quality of the products. That certification assure the maximum quality level concerning the planning, the production and the commercializing of its products.


certif inet     certif csqa

Growth Regulators: based on Gibberellic acid (GA3), Betanaphtoxyacetic acid (BNOA),  Alphanaphthalenacetic acid (NAA), Alphanaphthilacetammide (NAD) and many others. There products improve fecundation, fruit setting and the rooting. They accelerate the growth process of the plants in order to have an earlier production. All of them are registered at the Italian Health Ministry.

 Growth Stimulators: these products improve the general conditions of the plant development also in presence of adverse conditions. They stimulate flowering, fruit setting and the maturation of the fruits. They also contribute to increase the concentration of sugars on the fruits and improve their firmness and coloring.

laboratorioFertilizers: the company produces various types of manure: simple or complex, for foliar or root treatments, liquids or solids, all of them in balanced formulation someone with amino acids and adapted to all systems of irrigation and respect the assimilation propertiesuffici 1


The micro-elements and chelates: these products are used mainly to prevent and/or cure the deficiencies caused by absences or not assimilation of these elements. They are chelated with EDTA or with carboxylic acids.

company can also produce mixtures according to the request of the customers.

uffici 2Carboxystem products: they contain the elements necessary for a good development of the plants. They are fixed on natural carboxylic acids to improve their effectiveness. These products resolve the problems of salinity on the soil or the water and correct the excesses of sodium in the ground. The carboxylic acids dilute the excesses of salts in the soil and improve its physicochemical characteristics. Some products increase the number of the flowers and accelerate the absorption of the elements; other increase the longevity and the marketing period of the fruits.

The company controls all the production chain.
It provided all the information relating each product.



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